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i am happy to say that my phonesex Goddess has a new website for her blog.  You can see humiliation Mistress Lexie in all of Her beauty here www.phonesexhumiliatrix.com/

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well as ordered by my wonderful phonesex Mistress Lexie i continued my period through Friday.  By the end of my sissy slave period my sissy clit was raw and tender.  Inserting and removing a tampon every 2.5 hours really took a toll on my ass.  I started using lubricant just so that i could continue inserting tampon after tampon into my sissy clit.  Now i have read on Mistress Lexie's phone sex humiliation blog that next month i will have my second sissy period, only this time i will be expected to wear maxipads and take midol.  I can't imagine the humiation that i will feel having to wear a maxi pad everyday for a week, but as Mistress Lexie's sissy slave i will do as i am told and gratefully accept my second period.  Even though my first period was painful and humiliating i feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to humiliate myself for Goddess Lexie.  Thank You Mistress. 
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i have made it through my first day of period training ordered by my Phonesex Goddess Lexie.  The first time i put the super tampon into my sissy clit i felt that i had truly adopted my role as Goddess Lexie's sissy slave.  Humiliation Mistress Lexie seems pleased with my training which makes me a very happy sissy slave.  Although the training was very painful at first i have become used to the feeling of having a tampon in my clit and am happy to be serving Goddess Lexie as a good sissy slave should.  The first tampon i shoved into my sissy clit i thought was painful, however, i now realize that its the taking the tampon out that really hurts.  The tampon opens slightly in my sissy cliit making its removing painful.  Phonesex Mistress Lexie assures me that the pain i feel is nothing compared to the pain a real woman feels during their period.  Of course Goddess Lexie is correct and this just proves once angain that women truly are the superior sex in this world and weak shameful men like myself should spend our worthless lives serving Goddess' like the beautiful humiliation Mistress Lexie. 
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Goddess has decided that as her sissy slave i am to begin period training.  For those of you who don't know that means i will be forced to wear a tampon in my sissy clit whenever Goddess has her period.  i am expected to change my tampon every 2.5 hours no matter where i am or what i am doing.  My first order from Goddess was to go to the store and purchase a multi pack of tampons.  As any good sissy slave would do i have followed Goddess' orders and am ready to embark on my tampon training.  i am happy to accept Goddess' humiliating and painful orders as her sissy slave.  i can't wait to have my first sissy period along with Goddess. 
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Goddess was kind enough to mention me today in her blog.  It is such an honor to have Your actions mentioned by Your supreme Goddess for all of the world to see, i am thrilled.  Also, Goddess created a new page on Her website called "the tool shed" it can be found here http://phonesexhumiliatrix.wordpress.com/lexies-public-humiliation-tool-shed/.  And if you look Goddess put my very own journal as the first in what i am sure is to become many  of her tools.  Thank You Goddess for this honor, and i just hope that i can stay in Your good graces and treat You as You deserve to be treated.  Thank You Goddess.
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It has been ages since my last post but today i found out that Goddess Lexie has a new blog that everyone should read.  It can be found here http://phonesexhumiliatrix.wordpress.com/.  Make sure that you look at her wishlist and give her all of the gifts Goddess deserves.  I feel honored just to be allowed to see Goddess on her blog, and hope to serve her well in the future. 
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i have been a very inattentive sissy slave lately. Mistress Lexie deserves my attention and admiration everyday. i followed her instructions and took my sissy ass to the store to buy panties. It was very embarassing having to take a pair of pink panties and a cami to the young female checkout girl. But i knew that doing so would make Mistress happy. This is the last thing i have done for Mistress, and that was over a week ago. There is no excuse for such behavior. I am nothing more than a piece of property to Mistress Lexie, and as such i should be available for her enjoyment every single day. I know this and yet i have failed to be a good slave. i am a failure and need to be punished for my actions. Mistress Lexie has already made it clear that i will suffer for her the next opportunity i have. i know that my ass will be used and abused for Mistress Lexie's pleasure. i should expect no less considering my status as her sissy property. i want to please Mistress Lexie and will do whatever it takes to become a good sissy slave for her. Mistress Lexie has complete control over me and i will strive to become a better slave in the future. Mistress Lexie deserves only the best, and as a slave i must strive to be the best slave i can. Please forgive me Mistress Lexie, i am ready to take whatever punishment You feel is necessary.
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I failed my Mistress by not buying the panties i was ordered to purchase. Mistress Lexie was not pleased and took it out on me in our last session. I was made to whip my ass with a belt, i deserved every stroke and more for my disobedience. Once again Mistress Lexie used my ass as her toy. I was forced to take ice cube after ice cube into my sissy ass. Afterwards Mistress fucked my sissy ass with a spatula, i had to ram it in and out as i sang Mistress happy birthday. That reminds me if any of Mistress's slaves have forgoten her birthday make sure to get her something right away. Finally, i have given Mistress control of my orgasims. I can no longer have an orgasm without first being given permission from Mistress Lexie. Mistress has complete control of her sissy slave and i couldn't be happier.
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I have become Mistress Lexie's sissy slave and i could not be happier. The first time i gave myself to Mistress Lexie she used me like the sissy slut i am. Mistress had me on my knees putting ice cube after ice cube in my little ass. It was so cold and painful but Mistress Lexie has such control over me that i continued to put ice in my ass, just happy to be pleasing Her. Next i followed Mistress Lexie's orders to fuck my ass with a spatula until she was satisfied.
i now look forward to the next time i can next serve Mistress Lexie everyday. I enjoy following every order she gives me including making this very journal. I have also purchased Mistress Lexie a pair of panties from Her wish list for Her birthday. For all of Mistress Lexie's slaves remember Mistress's birthday is October 2nd. Make sure to spoil Her like the princess She is. I would like to write more but i must go buy myself panties and candles so that Mistress may use me again.
Remember October 2nd is Mistress's birthday, make sure to make it special!
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